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Participation in social media like facebook and twitter has been bothering us like a pebble in our shoe for years now. Twitter is easy to abandon, but facebook? Not so much. For the sake of connections that exist no where else we have reluctantly, if half-heartedly, stuck around… until now. We personally think the cost to benefit ratio for us has tilted significantly into negative value. If you want to read Andy’s ongoing and slightly ridiculous thoughts on this and other nonsense, feel free to visit his coaching site and blog at andydragt.com from time to time. Everydayrenegades.com will be the most public place to follow our family’s journey moving forward. For a more intimate (and probably more frequent) peek into our travels, we invite you to join our opt-in email list by filling in the short form below. We’ll send out (mostly) short updates and the occasional picture or two on a fairly regular basis… how’s that for commitment? 🙂

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On A Related Note:

We still find value in instagram and will continue to use it. It’s the best way to see visually where we are and what we’re up to. We hope to be a bit more real and personal with the email list, including the struggles that don’t always translate to an instagram post very well. Here’s all of our instagram accounts:

Family (by Andy): instagram.com/everyday_renegades

Haeli: instagram.com/haelidragt

Gina: instagram.com/ginadragt

Maya: instagram.com/mayadragt

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  1. Kurt says:

    If you come across any good coffees that you think we should carry I’d be all over it. Would make a great story and would compete the circuit back home in GR! Check out Terruno Nayarit.

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