RV Dishwasher Install

Here’s a video we put together showing you how we installed a dishwasher in the island of our Grand Design 5th wheel.


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  1. Brice says:

    Very much enjoyed your video Andy. Thank you for sharing! Do you have any updates since the install? Has the dishwasher been operating as hoped or have you had to make modifications? My wife and I have been living in a fifth wheel for the past two years and are getting the itch to install a dishwasher for similar (quality of life) reasons! haha

    1. Andy says:

      Thanks Brice, I’ve been planning on a follow-up video to review performance and how it’s working for us… But long story short, it works well and we are very happy we installed it! I’ll post the video with more details when I get a chance. Any burning questions I should address in the video?

      1. Brice says:

        That’s great to hear! No out of the ordinary questions. Just the basics…how often do you run it? Does it clean and dry the dishes thoroughly? Do you notice differences in the soaps you use? Any issues with draining or electrical? Does it operate quietly? Overall recommendation of this particular brand? Thanks for being a pioneer for all of us DIY’ers that are thinking of trying this!

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