Tortilla Soup

This is one of those recipes I’ve been making a variation of for the past 20 years. It has evolved with our tastes, with what’s available, and with what our budget would allow. It all started with a cookbook that was given to us at our wedding in 1997 from a lovely elderly woman who wasn’t actually invited to the wedding, but found a way to come anyway! I think once you get past a certain age you just don’t care anymore what people think and you do whatever you want! She was awesome and I’m glad she ended up being a part of our day 🙂 Continue reading “Tortilla Soup”

Want To Follow Our Journey? Here’s How…

Participation in social media like facebook and twitter has been bothering us like a pebble in our shoe for years now. Twitter is easy to abandon, but facebook? Not so much. For the sake of connections that exist no where else we have reluctantly, if half-heartedly, stuck around… until now. We personally think the cost to benefit ratio for us has tilted significantly into negative value. If you want to read Andy’s ongoing and slightly ridiculous thoughts on this and other nonsense, feel free to visit from time to time. will be the most public place to follow our family’s journey moving forward. Continue reading “Want To Follow Our Journey? Here’s How…”

Quick & Easy Panzanella

We forgot to add spinach this time and it’s fine without, but we prefer it with!

We love good Italian food. Pastas, breads, good cheeses, fresh tomatoes, pizzas, gelato… {We dream of returning to Italy as soon as we can} And I love a fresh dinner that comes together quickly and makes everyone happy! There are hundreds of takes on this classic bread salad, but I’m going to share with you a very simple version that you can find ingredients for, wherever you happen to be. Continue reading “Quick & Easy Panzanella”

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