Quick & Easy Panzanella

We forgot to add spinach this time and it’s fine without, but we prefer it with!

We love good Italian food. Pastas, breads, good cheeses, fresh tomatoes, pizzas, gelato… {We dream of returning to Italy as soon as we can} And I love a fresh dinner that comes together quickly and makes everyone happy! There are hundreds of takes on this classic bread salad, but I’m going to share with you a very simple version that you can find ingredients for, wherever you happen to be. Continue reading “Quick & Easy Panzanella”

Chicken Fajita Bake

I love chicken fajitas! I don’t love the amount of frying pans and utensils it takes along the way to making them at home though. (Or the splattering oil) Also, have you seen the size of my gas stove top? It’s not big. So frying chicken in one pan and veggies in another isn’t the easiest task here. And… I’m on the coast of Mexico where the average daytime temperature is around 82 degrees (which is perfect for my enjoyment, but not for standing over a stove!) So I decided to take all the goodness of fajitas (and the readily available peppers, onions, limes and avocados of Mexico) and bake them all together in one pan while I sit out on my patio in the fresh ocean breeze! Continue reading “Chicken Fajita Bake”

The Arrow Of Time

I’ve been thinking a lot about physics lately. Perhaps it’s an unavoidable side-effect of all the energy I’ve spent clearing a wooded lot and building a high-performance house. On the other hand, it’s probably just because I’m a nerd about this stuff. While building, I’ve spent days and days listening to lectures and thinking about time and space, entropy and quantum mechanics. And for some weird reason, I can’t help thinking about my family and our life together when I contemplate spacetime and the origins of the universe.

This topic can get us deep in the weeds in a hurry and I want to explore all this later in much more detail, but for now I’ll try to keep it short and very simple.

Continue reading “The Arrow Of Time”

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